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Lotan "Spinx" Giladi

Spinx is an Israeli professional CS:GO player who currently plays for ENCE. He is a 21-years-old (born September 2000) riffler who looks to out-aim his opponents. Spinx began his gaming career with CS 1.6, and his enthusiasm for the game only grew with time. In 2020, his ambition to play professionally was finally rewarded with an opportunity to join c0ntact's lineup, alongside Snappi and others. Spinx was known for his impressive abilities on the server from the platform, Faceit. He dominated his opponents which led him to a trail at Contact Gaming. He only played at Contact Gaming for 1 month before the roster was transfer listed and Spinx was picked up by ENCE. Spinx still had a lot to show to himself and others, especially in the most prestigious CS:GO tournaments. Today he has proven his worth and established himself as one of CS:GO’s cornerstones, constantly outperforming the best of the best, whether it be online or on LAN.

A chance to show his talent

Spinx was looking for a chance to showcase how good he really was, and with ENCE he got that opportunity. At his first S-tier tournament with the team, at the ESL Pro League Season 13, ENCE finished 9th-12th. That was not good enough for the team, but it was still a decent start though.

ENCE and Spinx continued to adapt to new roles and their results began to show. At the first Major together, they placed 15th-16th. Another disappointment for the team. They needed to get a decent result to show for and they had to wait for a long time. At the ESL Pro League Season 15, ENCE finally showed that they are a team to fear. They played their way through to the final and Spinx was playing some of his best Counter-Strike. In the bo5 final, they faced FaZe.

The Grand Final of Pro League

ENCE lost the first map, which was their own map pick. With the bad start, they were in need of a win on the second map, Overpass. They played their hearts out as they took the game to OT. In overtime, Spinx and ENCE were the ones to come out on top. Spinx was on fire, as he bagged 29 kills on the map. But he couldn’t seem to keep up the good form. In the next map, Spinx couldn’t find his feet, as he only got 11 kills and died 20 times, with a rating of 0.59, the lowest on the server. Spinx knew it wasn’t good enough and that he needed to step up if he wanted his team to win the Grand Final. The next map was Dust 2, one of the classics of CS:GO. Spinx was still down after his last performance as he got a rating of 0.65, with 9 kills and 18 deaths in a 12-16 loss.

The uprising after the disappointment

Followed the Grand Final loss, Spinx was hungry to show, that he can perform when the pressure is at its highest. His opportunity came quickly, as the PGL Major Antwerp came only a month after. Spinx was hungry and Spinx signaled his determination with a 1.68 Rating in ENCE's 16-8 defeat of FaZe at the start of the Legends stage; he followed it up with a 1.51 Rating against Outsiders, a 1.45 against Heroic on map 3 of that series, and a 1.47 Rating in the series against Copenhagen Flames, his stage debut. Spinx and ENCE went all the way to the semi-finals, but NAVI was too strong for the team.

ENCE was on fire again, as the team played well all the way to the finals of Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Dallas. But again, the team fell short in the finals, losing to a strong Cloud9 team. Spinx was missed by the team as he couldn’t get a visa for the trip to the US, a huge disappointment for the Israeli.

ENCE is currently ranked as the #2 team in the world on HLTV’s official team ranking. They are looking on fire for the upcoming tournaments, and only time will tell if Spinx and ENCE are able to finally get their first big tournament victory.

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