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Most iconic plays

The most insane and histroic plays in CS:GO life time - All immortalized by Valve!

When s1mple stunned Fnatic with his iconic double no-scope

"What is this clutch from s1mple? What, are you serious? What is that? You can't do that, s1mple! That's not allowed! This is not FPL! This is a major!"

Those were the words from the renowned caster, James Bardolph when he witnessed this legendary and iconic play. The man behind the play is no other than the Ukrainian superstar Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. An individual, who is a complete institution in himself within CS:GO, and someone who always has been equivalent with fantastic and astounding plays.

However, back in 2016 in the semifinal at ESL One Cologne between Liquid and fnatic , s1mple outdid himself by presenting a completely ridiculous double no-scope on the B-site on Cache. The play perfectly illustrated his inhuman skills and his mechanical capabilities, and the sequence will forever be a part of Counter-Strike history.

Watch the iconic and forever legendary play right here:

When Olofmeister sacrificed himself for the greater good

Olof Kajber or more known as olofmeister is already a legend in Counter-Strike, with countless achievements in two major victories and being named the best player in the world of 2015, as clear evidence. It’s therefore natural, that the legendary Swede will feature in our “Graffiti Series”.

The scene is set. It’s the semifinal at the ESL One Major in 2014, Fnatic and olofmeister were up against a strong Danish side in Dignitas. Dignitas had dominated the map and at one point they were up by 8 rounds, but Fnatic had managed to equal the score at 14-14.

It’s the 29th round, and Dignitas decides to execute on the B bombsite, unfortunately for them with a heavy stacked Fnatic side around them. Dignitas manages to plant the bomb, but Fnatic is quick to retake the site. olofmeister gets a quick kill and jumps onto the site and starts defusing the bomb. device throws a molotov on the bomb to avoid the defuse, and the fire starts to burn olofmeister’s body, and it’s here that the majority of players will have stopped the defuse and jumped off, but olofmeister is not just your ordinary player.

With a minimal amount of health, and with his teammates looking stunned at him, he decides to stick the defuse. and with milliseconds left to live for the bomb was neutralized. Players, casters and spectators were all amazed, but olofmeister himself had to dance the tension out of his body, as you can see in the clip shown.

A brave act which saved his team who eventually went on to the game, even though it resulted in his own death. The Swede sacrificed himself for the greater good. Something Valve decided to immortalize by adding a permanent graffiti on the wall near the B bombsite on Overpass, portraying a bewinged CT player with flames burning his body.

When coldzera turned into godzera

Marcelo “coldzera” David will undoubtedly go down as one of the best players in the history of CS:GO.

coldzera has one certain play that always will be a synonym for his career. Although it’s clear that he possesses immaculate Counter-strike abilities, the Brazilian completely outdid himself at this particular moment.

The year was 2016, the event was the MLG Major in Columbus, it was a semi-final and the opponent was Team Liquid. The setting couldn’t have been any bigger.

Team Liquid went towards B for the execute, where coldzera was placed as the sole defender, which got the caster saying “cold might be in trouble”. But coldzera showed him wrong.

When the entire Team Liquid roster rushed out of B apartments, coldzera turned into godzera and did something magical only he could do. Without any hesitation, he decides to do a jump no-scope killing two opponents with one shot, a completely miraculous act. He afterwards killed nitr0 again with a no-scope, and lastly helped by TACO to take down the last opponent. A completely outstanding and incredible play and something that never will be recreated.

Valve decided to honour the play by adding a permanent graffiti on the wall next to coldzera’s exact position, portraying a bewinged AWP with four skulls on top of it.

Dosia’s legendary grenade at PGL Major Kraków

For many Counter-Strike players it’s a well-known fact that, on the iconic Inferno, you can stand in the corner of pit and survive the bomb explosion – well if you have a good amount of health.

An individual who certainly knows this is the legendary Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov. The renowned Russian is a huge character within CS:GO and he’s the man behind one of the most iconic moments in the history of the game.

In the Grand Final at PGL Major Kraków in 2017, Gambit's Dosia tossed a perfectly placed grenade down to that exact above mentioned corner in pit on Inferno. The nade exploded right in the face of two Immortals player, which made them die to the bomb. A completely genius act!

The throw itself isn’t that hard. But to have the brains and coolness to calculate such a brilliant move on the biggest stage of CS:GO is what makes it so legendary.

Valve decided to immortalize the play by hanging up a poster depicting Dosia's grenade and placed it right where it exploded. If you ever have a second to spare on Inferno, then be sure to check out the cool tribute to one of the most historic and famous CS:GO plays.

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