The Most Expensive Skins in CS:GO History

Did you know that some CS:GO skins cost more than a brand-new car? Few people would have predicted the rapid ascent in value these digital items would bring.

While people try to accrue digital commodities such as NFTs and attach value to them, CS:GO was the first place that made online, in-game trading collectibles fun and desirable. Below, we discuss some of the most expensive skins in CS:GO history and why they have so much appeal.

The Appeal of Skins

For the few people who don't know, skins are graphic downloads that can change the appearance of in-game elements. These may change the look of weapons or the outfit a character is wearing. Essentially, they allow characters to be customized in different ways. CS:GO was one of the first games to pioneer this, allowing people to buy rare skins and store them in their library.

As skins have accrued value, they have become a type of commodity. This has meant that they can be used as promotional tools, appearing in loot crates, or as special prizes. Elements of this reward using random number generation is something that has been adopted across the gaming landscape, even as far as iGaming casino bonuses. Here, players often find similar rewards in the bonus rounds of slot games. Even businesses are using this method of reward to incentivize retail customers.

When it comes to skins in CS:GO, scarcity and condition are the key. The fewer copies of a skin exist, the more likely they are to become valuable. When they are used, the condition deteriorates lowering the cost and demand.

StatTrak M4A4 Howl

The value of this Howl Rifle comes from its interesting backstory. Originally, it was a rifle that gained popularity when it was uploaded to the Steam Workshop and was loved by both Valve and the online community. However, the artwork on the rifle was not that of the person who uploaded it. This saw the creator being banned as they had also used other copyrighted artworks on previous skins.

As Valve removed it from sale, it is now contraband. This means you can only buy it from another player who owns the skin and that pool is limited. You can expect to pay around $19000 for the 177 that are factory new, with others starting at around $4000.

AWP Gungnir and Dragon Lore

These are the two most expensive AWP skins on the market. For factory new ones, both hang at around the $18,000 mark. The rifle is extremely popular for use on skins, due to its large surface area and ability to plant designs on it easily. The former has an icy blue Nordic design while the latter harkens back to ancient Chinese mythology.

The value of these skins is like any commodity and is open to a wide range of market conditions. The top is desirability and for the highest priced items, it is unlikely anything will see them drop in value anytime soon. Yet for collectors, the biggest bargains can be found by looking for new and exciting designs that have the potential to rocket in value in the future.

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