Shark Gaming CS:GO Open
DreamHack Bucharest 2013

About Lemondogs

Few organizations have the same extensive history as Lemondogs. It goes as far back as the early 2000 when it was first founded as a mix team for Counter-Strike. Back then online tournaments were extremely popular and what made Lemondogs stand out was the fact that many pro players from the scene represented the team in various tournaments. The real story begins in 2008 when Daniel 'pani' Aicardi becomes owner of Lemondogs. Prior to that the organization were more of a mix team. With players like GTS (who were one of the founders) SpawN, Potti and zet they really made a name for Lemondogs back in the day. After 2008 the organization was registered in Sweden LD took another direction and become more of a team and community rather than a mix team. 2009 a first competitive team was signed: THREAT, FYRR73, face, kHRYSTAL and nikolaus now represented Lemondogs and the first tournament EPS Scandinavia became their first task.