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Pley of the day: SICK RUNBOOST on Vertigo!3/31/2023
Liquid ease past Nouns in the quarterfinals3/31/2023
Polish superstar retires3/31/2023
Live: IEM Dallas 2023 Europe Closed Qualifier - Day 13/31/2023
Valve release CS2 update: Wallhack command removed3/31/2023
Astralis stock skyrockets after strategic review announcement3/31/2023
Polish underdogs upset Fnatic at BLAST Showdown3/31/2023
degster returns to action for OG at IEM Dallas qualifier3/31/2023
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Americas – Day 23/30/2023
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown EU - Day 23/30/2023
Pley of the day: NEOFRAG With an insane 1vs3 clutch3/30/2023
BIG to win 2-1 against Rare Atom | Prediction: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 20233/30/2023
BLAST’s Paris Major trophy receive heavy criticism from fans3/30/2023
Quiz: Who has the most kills in CS:GO history?3/30/2023
NIP coach on headtr1ck's potential: One of the strongest AWPers in the world3/30/2023
Jame and co. lose their first match back under the VP banner3/30/2023
moses on Stewie2K: He has to start from the bottom again and reprove his worth3/30/2023
degster-less OG eliminated on the first day of Showdown3/30/2023
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Americas – Day 13/29/2023
Pley of the Day: zorte 4 AWP kills3/29/2023
Is Valve trolling? KQLY’s VAC-banned account got CS23/29/2023
Tough blow! OG set to miss degster in BLAST opener3/29/2023
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown EU - Day 13/29/2023
Over 2.5 Maps | NiP vs. OG | Prediction: BLAST Spring Showdown3/29/2023
TaZ and company call it quit: We failed to achieve the goal3/29/2023
Ninjas in Pyjamas secure IEM Dallas Closed Qualifier spot3/29/2023
GODSENT send BIG out of BetBoom Playlist3/29/2023
Pley of the Day: A $1.2M ace from Twistzz!3/28/2023
Valve: Only playtime before the Beta counts3/28/2023
Cloud9 set to take on CPH Flames in the opening round3/28/2023
Video: NiKo is also a headshot machine in Counter-Strike 23/28/2023
NIP ready for last day of IEM Dallas Open Qualifier3/28/2023
MIBR and Monte are ready for ESL Pro League S183/28/2023
FaZe back in Top 3 after Pro League victory3/28/2023
Copenhagen CS2 Major announced!3/28/2023
Football star Bendtner reportedly set to leave CS:GO team3/28/2023
Snappi takes a shot at BLAST prior to BLAST Showdown3/28/2023
Quiz: CS:GO Transfer Quiz 20223/27/2023
cadiaN: There is no way CS2 will be bigger than CS:GO3/27/2023
Stewie2K open for a return to CS:GO as he enters free agency3/27/2023
FaZe's road to Intel Grand Slam Season 4 victory3/27/2023
FaZe rifler takes home the MVP title at Pro League3/27/2023
FaZe wins ESL Pro League Season 17 and secure Intel Grand Slam prize3/26/2023
CS:GO breaks all-time peak record for second day in a row3/26/2023
Greyhound to participate in IEM Dallas3/26/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Grand Final3/26/2023
FaZe only one win away from the Intel Grand Slam3/25/2023
Cloud9 ready for Grand Final at EPL S173/25/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Semi-Finals3/25/2023
Market Watch: Antwerp and Stockholm capsules breaks new records after Valve announcement3/25/2023
ESL Pro League Season 17 Semi-Finals are set3/24/2023
The Paris Major will be the final CS:GO Major3/24/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Second Day of Quarter-Finals3/24/2023
HooXi on Counter-Strike 2: I think it looks a bit too cartoon-ish3/24/2023
New VAC live anticheat on CS2: If a cheater gets detected during a match, the match will be cancelled3/24/2023
Talent list for Paris Major RMRs revealed3/24/2023
FaZe in economic trouble: Only able to fund itself until November3/24/2023
acoR on CS2: I’m really disappointed, the game needs a lot of performance optimization3/24/2023
NIP CEO: This takes time; success doesn’t come overnight3/24/2023
IHC announce sk0r replacement3/24/2023
+1.5 Maps for NAVI against Heroic | ESL Pro League | Prediction3/24/2023
NIP crash out of first IEM Dallas open qualifier3/24/2023
ZywOo still on top despite disappointing loss against ENCE3/24/2023
SPUNJ says a second Counter-Strike Major might not happen in 20233/24/2023
ENCE and Cloud9 ready for Semi-Finals at ESL Pro League3/24/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 quarter-finals3/23/2023
Here’s how the maps will look like in Counter-Strike 23/23/2023
mantuu on Counter-Strike 2: It can up the levels of CS:GO so much higher3/23/2023
Watch Shroud's opinion on Counter-Strike 23/23/2023
CS:GO Ranks: A Guide to Matchmaking and FACEIT3/23/2023
Pley of the Day: Perfecto’s 1v4 clutch against NAVI in EPL!3/23/2023
CS expert kassad on new smoke feature in CS 2: I feel like it has to be fixed3/23/2023
Exciting Counter-Strike 2 feature takes inspiration from Valorant3/23/2023
ENCE dominate G2 in EPL S17 playoffs3/22/2023
World Premiere: Watch CS2 gameplay right now!3/22/2023
See s1mple's reaction to Counter-Strike 23/22/2023
Counter-Strike 2 FAQ!3/22/2023
Counter-Strike 2 announced!3/22/2023
Who is selected to play the Counter-Strike 2 beta?3/22/2023
Pley of the Day: mezii - 4 AK kills3/22/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Playoffs – Round 23/22/2023
FURIA vs. FaZe | Over 2.5 Maps | Betting Prediction | EPL S173/22/2023
Opening matchups for the Major RMR revealed3/22/2023
EG rumored to use development team at BLAST Showdown3/22/2023 set to compete under their own name again at upcoming tournament3/22/2023
NiKo on important G2 member: He was definitely the type we missed the most3/22/2023
Astralis Talents win Danish League3/22/2023
markeloff set to return to CS as a coach3/22/2023
Liquid crash out of EPL S17 - See today's results here3/21/2023
Video: The Evolution of the Mirage Window Smoke3/21/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Playoffs3/21/2023
Heroic fail to secure needed capital3/21/2023
s1mple and company return to Top 33/21/2023
HooXi criticizes BLAST and ESL for being too forgiven towards tier-1 and franchise teams3/21/2023
Evil Geniuses discard its 15-man project3/21/2023
SINNERS rifler retires: I have lost interest in competing3/21/2023
dupreeh is back!3/21/2023
interz leaves Cloud9: Unfortunately, they no longer need me3/21/2023
Xyp9x's 200 IQ grenade from the afterlife3/20/2023
EliGE on seven map pool: We trolled from the beginning3/20/2023
New $1M tournament to be held in Saudi Arabia3/20/2023
Young rifler leaves MSL project3/20/2023
Cloud9 dominance on leaderboard for ESL Pro League3/20/2023
Copenhagen Flames complete list of qualifiers for BLAST Showdown Europe3/20/2023
NAVI, 00NATION, FURIA, and fnatic kickstarts ESL Pro League playoffs3/20/2023
Heroic in acute need of cash injection3/20/2023
CS:GO Gets its Ancient Egyptian-Themed Weaponry in New Collection3/20/2023
Media: EG has reached verbal agreement with refrezh3/20/2023
Liquid secure playoffs spot over Astralis3/19/2023
forZe secure quarter-finals spot at EPL S173/19/2023
Astralis eliminate Spirit from EPL S173/19/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D - Day 53/19/2023
Køb et regnslag online hos Paraplybutik.dk3/19/2023
Liquid and NAVI win clear victories at ESL Pro League3/18/2023
Astralis survive scare against ATK3/18/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D - Day 43/18/2023
Natus Vincere takes down Rare Atom despite shock start3/17/2023
w0nderful dominates Team Liquid - 4 AWP kills3/17/2023
Spirit best Liquid in clean 2-0 victory3/17/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D - Day 33/17/2023
Pley of the Day: Perfecto 1vs3 clutch3/17/2023
Over 2.5 Maps in Team Liquid vs. Spirit | ESL Pro League Season 17 Prediction3/17/2023
Astralis Talent triumph at CCT North Europe3/17/2023
Relog announce new $330.000 online tournament3/17/2023
Gratisfaction reportedly set to return to CS:GO3/17/2023
ATK has found their new coach3/16/2023
Natus Vincere sends Astralis to Last Chance Stage3/16/2023
Team Liquid wins their first match at EPL S173/16/2023
ENCE secure playoffs spot as the first team in Group D3/16/2023
Pley of the Day: S1mple with a nuts 4K3/16/2023
oSee on Source 2: We will see a lot more players come back to CS3/16/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D - Day 23/16/2023
Pimp questions arT's future in FURIA: No titles and close to zero development for years3/16/2023
ECSTATIC bring in new rifler3/16/2023
magixx after crushing Astralis: We expected to beat them3/16/2023
YEKINDAR 1V4 ACE clutch3/15/2023
ENCE edge past ATK in their opening match at EPL S173/15/2023
Shock start for Team Liquid at EPL S173/15/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D - Day 13/15/2023
Evil Geniuses drop out of Top 303/15/2023
TACO to miss the Major: I need to take care of myself3/15/2023
Crazy sale! AK-47 skin goes for more than $150.0003/15/2023
CS:GO dataminer on Source 2: Don’t expect something unreal3/15/2023
Over 2.5 Maps – Astralis vs. Spirit | EPL S17 | Betting Prediction3/15/2023
gla1ve: We're ready to take some territory back3/14/2023
Pley of the Day: Insane flick by Swedish legend3/14/2023
Can Team Liquid win Group D of ESL Pro League?3/14/2023
Jason Lake: NA based orgs endure a brutal travel schedule that places our players at a constant disadvantage3/14/2023
Complexity manager reveals insane travel schedule3/14/2023
mantuu: I believe I would 100% improve every single NA team3/14/2023
CS:GO breaks active player record again!3/13/2023
GamerLegion on top of Elisa Invitational Winter 20233/13/2023
Nouns book the last ticket for Americas BLAST Showdown3/13/2023
Cloud9 ready for BLAST Showdown Europe3/13/2023
CPH Flames owner explains regali benching: We needed to make a change for the benefit of the whole team3/13/2023
ZywOo leads Pro League leaderboard with insane stats3/13/2023
apEX to Vitality fans: Peter (dupreeh) must come back as soon as possible3/13/2023
CPH Flames transfer list star AWPer, brings back farlig3/13/2023
00NATION advances to playoffs3/12/2023
Vitality secure quarter-finals over FaZe3/12/2023
00NATION eliminate Grayhound3/12/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group C - Day 43/11/2023
Grayhound secures second win at EPL S173/10/2023
paiN sends OG to Last Chance Stage3/10/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group C – Day 33/10/2023
15-year-old Brazilian signed by Case3/10/2023
Nigma Galaxy lose first match after 39 match win streak3/10/2023
Twistzz: People are overreacting really bad with Source 23/10/2023
Worlds second best female player joins Asian team3/10/2023
Can OG avoid the paiN?3/10/2023
zonic demands more from ZywOo: I need him to be more of a star player3/10/2023
Grayhound sends 00NATION to last chance stage3/9/2023
FaZe dominate Ninjas in Pyjamas3/9/2023
Vitality secure playoff spot3/9/2023
Pley of the Day: ZywOo's insane Inferno 2.35 rating!3/9/2023
Australians relegated to Last Chance Stage3/9/2023
FaZe and NiP set to battle it out in the ESL Pro League S17: FaZe favored to Win3/9/2023
Sprout break 11 match loss streak with win in Melbourne Qualifier3/9/2023
nafany: Why are there no doping tests in CS3/9/2023
ESL Pro League Season 17 Group C - Day 23/9/2023
smooya hints at return: I am so excited to compete again3/9/2023
FURIA fe set to lose starplayer to Asian team3/9/2023
Did Valve buy Anubis and Tuscan for $150,000?3/9/2023
apEX praises experienced stand-in: He plays like he’s 15 years old3/9/2023
OG secure first win in Group C3/8/2023
Vitality takes down Grayhound3/8/2023
Ninjas in Pyjamas defeat paiN3/8/2023
FaZe is off to a great start at ESL Pro League S173/8/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group C – Day 13/8/2023
Pley of the Day: hades insane 1v43/8/2023
Astralis Talent coach: This is the best Astralis Talent roster in history3/8/2023
Aurora wins CCT South Europe3/8/2023
AZR after joining Sprout: I almost feel like a youthful student3/8/2023
paiN vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas | Betting Prediction: ESL Pro League S173/8/2023
arT lashes out on analyst and streamer3/8/2023
G2 enters womens Counter-Strike3/8/2023
sdy calls out Polish team of cheating: It’s a disgrace to our scene3/7/2023
Can 10 Australians do any damage in Group C of ESL Pro League?3/7/2023
Bubzkji: This is how you climb on FACEIT3/7/2023
Video: Watch NiKo's Vlog from IEM Katowice3/7/2023
Nouns ready for IEM Dallas3/7/2023
sk0R axed from IHC3/7/2023
G2 still miles ahead of everyone on world ranking3/7/2023
The Rumored Source 2 Version of CS:GO – Is It Finally Happening?3/6/2023
How did BIG look without syrsoN?3/6/2023
Highest rated players at ESL Pro League so far3/6/2023
tiziaN enters free agency3/6/2023
New development: Most maps are now T-sided3/6/2023
Movistar Riders secure playoff spot3/5/2023
What a way to steal the round!3/5/2023
Heroic advances to the quarter-finals3/5/2023
BIG eliminate Complexity3/5/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group B - Day 53/5/2023
Breaking: Source2 rumoured to launch this month!3/5/2023
Movistar Riders win Iberian Derby - SAW eliminated3/4/2023
FURIA ready for playoffs at ESL Pro League3/4/2023
Complexity edge out Imperial in a marathon three-map-thriller3/4/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group B - Day 43/4/2023
kassad on the return of AZR: It’s going to take some time for him to come back for sure3/4/2023
BIG send SAW to last chance bracket3/4/2023
FURIA secure first win in Group B3/3/2023
Video: Listen in on voicecomms from G2´s ESL Pro League S173/3/2023
Sprout reveal AZR as their new in-game leader3/3/2023
cadiaN brutally honest: BIG will be better off without syrsoN3/3/2023
Iconic map is the least popular in Pro League so far3/3/2023
Iconic organization reveal its new CS:GO lineup3/3/2023
Pley of the Day: dexter destroy SAW with insane ace3/3/2023
Heroic couldn't find the kit3/2/2023
Heroic is ready to playoffs at ESL Pro League S173/2/2023
SAW takes down Imperial to secure first win at ESL Pro League S173/2/2023
frozen got a sixth sense3/2/2023
MOUZ dominate FURIA in a 2-0 Victory3/2/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Season 17 Group B - Day 23/2/2023
Viperio sign Irishman as their new fifth3/2/2023
Fnatic and FURIA among invitees for BLAST Spring Showdown3/2/2023
Valve unban coaches including FURIA's guerri3/2/2023
Former Liquid icon jdm64: If Counter-Strike 2 comes, I’m making a comeback3/2/2023
FURIA edge past Imperial at ESL Pro League S173/1/2023
MOUZ kicks off ESL Pro League S17 with a victory3/1/2023
Could CS:GO source 2 be just around the corner?3/1/2023
BIG takes down Complexity3/1/2023
Heroic shows the power of the P-903/1/2023
Why is CS:GO still so popular?3/1/2023
Heroic is off to a great start at ESL Pro League3/1/2023
refrezh: There was a lot of disagreement on how to manage and structure the team3/1/2023
Sprout bench former in-game leader3/1/2023
Video: The incredible story of NiKo3/1/2023
Live: ESL Pro League Group B - Day 13/1/2023
B1ad3: For me, HooXi is a tier-2, tier-3 IGL who is evolving pretty fast3/1/2023
dev1ce praises the new generation of AWPers and explains what he wants to learn from them3/1/2023
BIG vs. Complexity | Betting Prediction: ESL Pro League S173/1/2023
Cloud9 among teams ready for BLAST Showdown qualifier3/1/2023
Market Watch: Antwerp Capsules on the rise3/1/2023