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Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Final Day)6/30/2022
Highlight: karrigan completely outsmarts syrsoN in 1v1 clutch6/30/2022
BIG are your Roobet Cup 2022 champions!6/30/2022
IEM Cologne talent announced6/30/2022
Live: BIG - FaZe (Grand Final)6/30/2022
Video: GeT_RiGhT dies to a bot and f0rest can't stop laughing6/30/2022
Top 5 players at REPUBLEAGUE S36/30/2022
Talent lineup for ESL Impact Valencia revealed6/30/2022
Video: More tips and tricks from NartOutHere6/30/2022
See all team rankings right now: BLAST, ESL, and HLTV6/30/2022
Abu Dhabi to host BLAST Premier World Final6/30/2022
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 30/6 - 20226/30/2022
Video: How to hold B site Vertigo like KSCERATO6/29/2022
ex-MAD Lions are the champions of REPUBLEAGUE Season 36/29/2022
FaZe are Grand Final bound after Astralis win6/29/2022
Highlight: syrsoN USP-S ace6/29/2022
BIG barrel past Cloud9 in Roobet Cup semi-final6/29/2022
Video: 50 fresh CS:GO tips and tricks6/29/2022
Live: Roobet Cup (Semi-Finals)6/29/2022
So, You Want To Get Into Online Gaming? Here Are A Few Things That You Need To Know6/29/2022
Video: Watch insane 2vs5 clutch from FaZe with Team Comms6/29/2022
Leviatán completes lineup with signing of Luken6/29/2022
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 29/6 - 20226/29/2022
gla1ve's tips & tricks: How to stop a B-rush on Dust 26/28/2022
Video: When pros see through smokes and walls6/28/2022
Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 7 - playoffs)6/28/2022
Astralis move past forZe in Quarter-final6/28/2022
Survey: NA's talent is ready to do what it takes6/28/2022
HAVU bench sLowi and continue rebuilding phase6/28/2022
Highlight: Incredible clutch and 4K from nicoodoz6/28/2022
FaZe are through to the Semi-finals!6/28/2022
Popularity of M4A1-S decreased after new update6/28/2022
Live: Roobet Cup (Day 7)6/28/2022
OpTic retire Envy from Esports and hints possible CS:GO return6/28/2022
Video: Insane ace by syrsoN6/28/2022
The best CS:GO case to buy right now6/28/2022
Skins CSGO rarity6/28/2022
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 28/6 - 20226/28/2022
Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 6)6/27/2022
Cloud9 barely edge out 9z to secure semi-finals at Roobet Cup6/27/2022
BIG eliminate Eternal Fire and secure semi-finals at Roobet Cup6/27/2022
Live: Roobet Cup (Day 6)6/27/2022
paiN takes down ATK to qualify for ESL Pro League Conference6/27/2022
Video: The most rare death in CS:GO?6/27/2022
Video: New Ancient Update feat. NaToSaphiX6/27/2022
Today in CS:GO - Monday 27/6 - 20226/27/2022
Copenhagen Flames were shockingly cheap6/26/2022
Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 5)6/26/2022
MOUZ and FURIA eliminated from Roobet Cup, Eternal Fire and 9z to playoffs6/26/2022
MOUZ NXT make it four in a row6/26/2022
FaZe and Astralis to playoffs at Roobet Cup, OG and Complexity eliminated6/26/2022
Live: Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 5)6/26/2022
Highlight: HEAP aces while on trial at fnatic6/26/2022
Is Stewie2K done at EG?6/26/2022
When CS:GO pros fail a knife kill6/26/2022
Today in CS:GO: Sunday 26/6 - 20226/26/2022
Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 4)6/25/2022
Eternal Fire avoid elimination after three-map-thriller6/25/2022
Maden: The best entry fragger of 2022?6/25/2022
Highlight: broky ACE against BIG6/25/2022
OG send Entropiq home6/25/2022
Live: Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 4)6/25/2022
Highlight: Swisher's swift 3k6/25/2022
Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 3)6/25/2022
FLASHPOINT threatened by half-million-dollar lawsuit6/25/2022
Video: Insane Ancient boost6/25/2022
Complexity survive elimination at Roobet Cup by default6/25/2022
Today in CS:GO: Saturday 25/6 - 20226/25/2022
ENCE reverse sweep MOUZ to win Group C6/24/2022
forZe take quarter-finals spot over 9z6/24/2022
BIG take down FaZe to secure quarter-finals6/24/2022
Cloud9 breeze past Astralis in Group B winners' match6/24/2022
Live: Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 3)6/24/2022
Pley of the Day: woxic is bending bullets!6/24/2022
shox: I had a burnout after PGL Antwerp6/24/2022
Will MOUZ NXT make it four in a row?6/24/2022
Today in CS:GO: Friday 24/6 - 20226/24/2022
Leaderboards - Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 2)6/23/2022
Highlight: Why Twistzz is the headshot king6/23/2022
MOUZ off to great start at Roobet Cup 20226/23/2022
sdy still with NaVi for IEM Cologne6/23/2022
NaToSaphiX: "stavn is the best player on Heroic"6/23/2022
ENCE secure three points against Eternal Fire6/23/2022
Video: GeT_RiGhT is still a machine in CS:GO!6/23/2022
Live: Roobet Cup 2022 (Day 2)6/23/2022
Astralis defeat Movistar Riders in two-day match6/23/2022
Apeks bench AcillioN and chawzyyy6/23/2022
Video: Best of Heroic's new rifler Jabbi6/23/2022
Top 10 Future Stars of CS:GO!6/23/2022
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 23/6 - 20226/23/2022
Video: sh1ro's unreal 1v46/22/2022
sh1ro shines in win over Complexity6/22/2022
Twistzz leads FaZe to win over OG in Roobet Cup6/22/2022
Live: FaZe - OG / Cloud9 - Complexity (Roobet Cup)6/22/2022
BIG take first victory at Roobet Cup against Entropiq6/22/2022
ENCE extend contract with sAw6/22/2022
Live: Astralis - Movistar Riders / BIG - Entropiq (Roobet Cup)6/22/2022
Who is the highest ranked players on FACEIT?6/22/2022
Roobet Cup 2022 - All you need to know6/22/2022
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 22/6 - 20226/22/2022
Confirmed: YEKINDAR steps in for Team Liquid at IEM Cologne6/22/2022
$2.000.000 worth of skins stolen by hacker6/21/2022
Video: Imperial throw 1vs3 situation to win the match6/21/2022
Snappi: We had our eyes on faveN, NEOFRAG, Maden, and FASHR6/21/2022
Team Spirit announce new AWP'er6/21/2022
Confirmed: Jabbi join Heroic6/21/2022
Team Liquid hire former EG coach6/21/2022
Today in CS:GO: Tuesday 21/06 - 20226/21/2022
HEET and FTW qualifies for ESL Pro League Season 166/21/2022
Fnatic add HEAP on trial6/20/2022
Live: ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference6/20/2022
Video: See highlights from the BLAST Lisbon Showmatch6/20/2022
Total NAVI domination at BLAST Premier Spring Finals6/20/2022
Watch all the best from's coverage of BLAST Premier Spring Finals in Lisbon6/20/2022
Video: Watch highlights from NAVI vs Vitality Grand Final6/20/2022
Video: Insane 3K USP HS kills through smoke from afro6/20/2022
Endpoint, MIBR, Eternal Fire, and Outsiders qualified for ESL Pro League Season 166/20/2022
apEX: "They were much better than us"6/19/2022
shox and adreN benched at Liquid6/19/2022
s1mple about sdy: "he is ready to learn"6/19/2022
Pimp: "degster has been the most positive story"6/19/2022
Natus Vincere dominate Vitality in Grand Final!6/19/2022
Video: What it takes to become a pro in CS:GO6/19/2022
Live: Vitality vs Natus Vincere6/19/2022
Best highlights from BLAST Premier Spring Final Semi-finals6/19/2022
BLAST Spring Final - ZywOo vs s1mple6/19/2022
Vitality to face NaVi in Grand Final!6/18/2022
B1ad3 on electronic: "He can become one of the greatest"6/18/2022
degster: "I'm happy I got this chance to prove myself"6/18/2022
Natus Vincere secure spot in Grand Final!6/18/2022
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Final (Semi-finals)6/18/2022
refrezh out! Heroic makes changes amid jabbi rumors6/18/2022
Endpoint and MIBR secure ESL Pro League group stage spot6/17/2022
Great moments from BLAST Premier Spring Finals quarter-finals6/17/2022
Vitality eliminate ENCE and secure semi-finals spot at BLAST Premier Spring Final6/17/2022
broky after FaZe collapse: It has been mentally draining lately6/17/2022
NAVI secure semi-final spot in Lisbon over FaZe6/17/2022
CS:GO Pros Answer: Who are the top 3 IGLs right now?6/17/2022
zonic: We have been struggling with firepower6/17/2022
apEX on new update: It is really good!6/17/2022
Aleksib after taking down FaZe: It was pretty random to be honest6/17/2022
Great moments from BLAST Premier Spring Finals6/17/2022
Live: ESL Pro League Conference Season 16 (Day 2)6/17/2022
NiKo leads the MVP race at BLAST Premier Spring Finals6/17/2022
Today in CS:GO - Friday - 17/6 - 20226/17/2022
OG secure semi-finals spot over ENCE6/16/2022
B1ad3 on s1mple’s future on NAVI: Nothing is infinite, everything has its time6/16/2022
NAVI survive in Lisbon, BIG go home6/16/2022
G2 take down FaZe and advance to Semi-Finals6/16/2022
Vitality take down paiN to live another day at BLAST Spring Finals6/16/2022
Positive reponse from CS:GO community after new update6/16/2022
Live: ESL Pro League Conference (Day 1)6/16/2022
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Finals - Lisbon (Day 2)6/16/2022
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 16/6 - 20226/16/2022
New CS:GO update: M4A1-S magazine size reduced and Ancient reworked6/16/2022
ENCE best BIG in close opening match6/15/2022
nexa on OG rebuild: We tried to get YEKINDAR and jks6/15/2022
OG upset NAVI at BLAST6/15/2022
dupreeh on m0NESY bug: Valve is really sloppy; they know it's happening6/15/2022
karrigan: Teams copy the best team in the world, that's how it is6/15/2022
roeJ and nicoodoz five-double salary after joining fnatic6/15/2022
G2 take first victory in Lisbon over Vitality6/15/2022
ropz: We have to reinvent ourselves6/15/2022
FaZe dismantle paiN in swift 2-0 victory6/15/2022
Krimbo fully recovered and back in action at Lisbon6/15/2022
Live: BLAST Premier Spring Finals Lisbon - Day 16/15/2022
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 15/6 - 20226/15/2022
NiKo on missing confidence: I'm still looking to find my role in the roster6/14/2022
s1mple on Boombl4: He did so many stupid mistakes6/14/2022
Magisk has not played in front of a crowd since 2019: It's disappointing!6/14/2022
Why was Team Spirit so good at the Major?6/14/2022 in Lisbon to cover BLAST Premier Spring Finals6/14/2022
k1to to stand-in for Krimbo at BLAST Premier Spring Finals in Lisbon6/14/2022
Buy CSGO skins6/14/2022
Another one! vsm benched on 00NATION6/14/2022
The best weapon skins in CSGO in 20236/14/2022
Best place to buy CSGO skins6/14/2022
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 14/6 - 20226/14/2022
Video: CS:GO Major Tricks PGL Antwerp 20226/13/2022
See some incredible raises of skin prices during the years6/13/2022
2022 stats: s1mple is still the king of CS:GO6/13/2022
Elisa reveals new LAN tournament with IEM Katowice Play-in spot for the winner6/13/2022
BLAST returns to Lisbon after 1276 days6/13/2022
OG fields degster as last minute replacement for mantuu at BLAST Spring Finals6/13/2022
Today in CS:GO - Monday 13/6 - 20226/13/2022
Why is CS:GO so CT-sided right now?6/12/2022
Post-Major Transfer Moves in CS:GO 20226/12/2022
Watch all our player interviews from Pinnacle Cup6/12/2022
Video: Brollan secures the title with a sick 1v3 ace!6/12/2022
Media: Heroic close to signing with Jabbi6/12/2022
How to bet on professional CS:GO6/12/2022
Heroic are the champions at Pinnacle Cup Championship!6/11/2022
Live: Heroic vs Astralis6/11/2022
syrsoN after Pinnacle elimination: I didn't play my A game6/11/2022
Heroic to Grand Final at Pinnacle over BIG6/11/2022
Live: Heroic vs BIG6/11/2022
degster done in Spirit6/11/2022
k0nfig: I'm getting my confidence back6/10/2022
Top 5 leaderboards | Pinnacle Cup Championship6/10/2022
Astralis secure a spot in the Grand final at Pinnacle Cup Championship6/10/2022
kreaz: "Even when we're playing online we're screaming"6/10/2022
Heroic stay alive at Pinnacle Cup Championship 20226/10/2022
Live: Heroic vs Finest6/10/2022
Top 5 Leaderboards | Pinnacle Cup Championships6/10/2022
Teammate hints towards a device exit at NIP6/10/2022
4 shots 5 kills – syrsoN with an EPIC ACE!6/10/2022
Video: 5-man Inferno boost6/10/2022
cadiaN on f0rest: He can definitely play in a Top 10 team6/10/2022
Today in CS:GO - Friday 10/6 - 20226/10/2022
twist: "It's going to be intense"6/9/2022
JW and flusha to carry on EYEBALLERS legacy6/9/2022
Team Finest are through to the Playoffs6/9/2022
sjuush: "We like the pressure"6/9/2022
Heroic stays alive at Pinnacle Cup Championship 20226/9/2022
blameF: "I'm always motivated"6/9/2022
tabseN: "I think I can say that we're the favorites"6/9/2022
BIG and Astralis advance to playoffs at Pinnacle Cup6/9/2022
Highest-Rated Players of 2022 so far6/9/2022
f0rest on new-look Fnatic: It’s a good mixture of players6/9/2022
Video: leo_drk with a wonderful 1v4 clutch on Mirage!6/9/2022
Live: Pinnacle Cup Championships Day 26/9/2022
mir joins countrymen at Entropiq6/9/2022
Promising rifler benched at 00Nation6/9/2022
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 9/6 - 20226/9/2022
Boombl4 denies allegations of infidelity, violence, and substance abuse.6/8/2022
Video: Watch IEM Dallas Fragmovie6/8/2022
Kjaerbye joins Endpoint6/8/2022
Snappi Plays Whose Frag is That?6/8/2022
Finest stay alive in Sweden6/8/2022
Heroic eliminate MIBR from Pinnacle Cup6/8/2022
Lucky: It’s very nice to be back in a place where you know you feel at home6/8/2022
Xyp9x: I have not been satisfied with my own performance6/8/2022
Live: Elimination action at Pinnacle Cup6/8/2022
FalleN and co. send Finest to Group B’s elimination series6/8/2022
Astralis smash EG.PA in Group B opener6/8/2022
MIBR face do-or-die matchup after losing to BIG6/8/2022
Fnatic secure opening victory over Heroic6/8/2022
G2’s many struggles in 2022 – feat. NatoSaphiX6/7/2022
Fnatic reveal f0rest as stand-in for upcoming event6/7/2022
Video: Test your map knowledge against shox and floppy6/6/2022
hades: The clutch king of 20226/6/2022
es3tag: "I've always looked up to device as an AWP'er"6/6/2022
m0NESY shows promise at IEM Dallas 20226/6/2022
Video: kennyS recreates famous Cache plays6/6/2022
Ax1Le MVP at IEM Dallas6/5/2022
Cloud9 sweep ENCE to win IEM Dallas6/5/2022
Live: ENCE vs. Cloud96/5/2022
Top 5 Leaderboards at IEM Dallas6/5/2022
Trade CSGO skins6/5/2022
Cloud9 take down BIG, are headed to Grand Final6/4/2022
Live: BIG vs. Cloud96/4/2022
Renegades roster sold to Order6/4/2022
ENCE to the Grand Final over FURIA6/4/2022
Live: ENCE vs. FURIA6/4/2022
GODSENT replaced by forZe at Roobet Cup6/4/2022
Cloud9 eliminate the favorites of FaZe6/4/2022
Today in CS:GO - Saturday 4/6 - 20226/4/2022
FURIA secure Semi-final spot over G26/3/2022
sdy join NaVi as stand-in for BLAST Spring Final6/3/2022
Live: IEM Dallas Playoff Stage6/3/2022
lollipop21k picked up by Russian team6/3/2022
Could this be the new Copenhagen Flames team?6/3/2022
Fnatic co-owner: We're in last-stage trials in signing a new fifth6/3/2022
Official: Fnatic sign nicoodoz and roeJ6/3/2022
French team reportedly targeting AMANEK and NBK6/3/2022
Insider: Fnatic to sign a minimum of two CPH Flames players6/3/2022
Today in CS:GO - Friday 3/6 - 20226/3/2022
Title-winning vlog: How FaZe became PGL MAJOR champions.6/2/2022
CS:GO Pros Answer: Who is your Favourite AWPer of All Time?6/2/2022
Report: 00NATION to sign six GODSENT members6/2/2022
Video: The legend is back! Snax standing in for ENCE6/2/2022
Where should YEKINDAR go? - Feat. NaToSaphiX6/2/2022
Evil Geniuses complete signing of 10 new players6/2/2022
IEM Dallas playoff matches set6/2/2022
device is crushing FACEIT! Is he coming back?6/1/2022
Video: GuardiaN turns back the time with 4 AWP kills6/1/2022
gla1ve after exit: We’re kind of getting used to the bad tournaments now6/1/2022
Sell CSGO skins6/1/2022 confirm double signing of n0rb3r7 and fame6/1/2022
Astralis knocked out from IEM Dallas6/1/2022
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 1/6 - 20226/1/2022