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Astralis and Sinners are on the top of Group B9/30/2021
G2 and Copenhagen Flames take lead in Group A at IEM Fall9/30/2021
NIP defeat FaZe at IEM Fall9/30/2021
Team Vitality secure another win in Group C9/30/2021
Sh1ro and Ax1Le shine as Gambit makes comeback vs. forZe9/30/2021
How Nemiga almost lost to AVE due to a CS:GO bug9/30/2021
[LIVE] IEM Fall EU9/30/2021
Video: 50 Things You Didn't Know About CS:GO9/30/2021
Gambit fall short against VP at IEM Fall CIS9/30/2021
IEM Fall CIS results9/30/2021
Strong comeback by NAVI at IEM Fall CIS; Spirit defeat AVE9/30/2021
Pley of the Day: coldzera shines for Complexity in 1v3 clutch9/30/2021
Skins: Trader puts rare StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan for sale at $194.0009/30/2021
Video: The Clutch Minister strikes again at IEM Fall!9/30/2021
Pley of the Day - September9/30/2021
Danish AWPer retires from CS:GO; transitions to Valorant9/30/2021
Video: Best of Day 1 - IEM Fall CIS9/30/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 30/9 - 20219/30/2021
New world record? Aleksib destroys Sprout with unlimited grenades9/29/2021
Vitality and OG storms through first round - ENCE win close battle9/29/2021
Danish Delight in Group B9/29/2021
mousesports defeat BIG at IEM Fall9/29/2021
Copenhagen Flames delivers first upset at IEM Fall Europe9/29/2021
Gambit secure another victory in Group B!9/29/2021
forZe in dire straits after two defeats on Day 19/29/2021
[LIVE] IEM Fall Europe (Opening Round)9/29/2021
NAVI barely manage to close out Nuke against Nemiga9/29/2021
Entropiq survives scare against AVE9/29/2021
[LIVE] IEM Fall CIS (Opening Round)9/29/2021 grab first victory in Group B at IEM Fall9/29/2021
Gambit avoid upset in thrilling matchup at IEM Fall CIS9/29/2021
NAVI and Entropiq win opening matches at IEM Fall9/29/2021
German rifler to stand-in for Endpoint at IEM Fall9/29/2021
Spirit take down Nemiga in the opening round at IEM Fall9/29/2021
The race towards the Major | RMR Ranking CIS9/29/2021
Video: Stewie2K goes from A to B to grab his ACE!9/29/2021
The race towards the Major | RMR Rankings Europe9/29/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 29/9 - 20219/29/2021
How to surf in CS:GO9/28/2021
Richard Lewis: Complexity are cursed9/28/2021
Cool, calm, and collected - The story of NAF9/28/2021
BLAST Overtime: Interview with es3tag9/28/2021
Video: EliGE shares his thoughts on the new Operation Riptide9/28/2021
Pley of the Day: smooya gets a swift quad kill in FPL!9/28/2021
The new grenade meta has arrived!9/28/2021
Endpoint talent to miss IEM Fall due to VISA issues9/28/2021
The story of electronic: The king that is overshadowed by a god9/28/2021
Video: Best of RpK - Le Tank9/28/2021
IEM Fall kick off with a packed schedule!9/28/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 28/9 - 20219/28/2021
Video: Funny Pro CS:GO moments9/27/2021
Pley of the Day: 200 IQ! FASHR uses the HE grenade as a smoke9/27/2021
BLAST Premier Fall Groups | Stats and Leaderboards9/27/2021
GODSENT is the DH Open September champions!9/27/2021
Today in CS:GO - Monday 7/9 - 20219/27/2021
Natus Vincere win Group C in BLAST Premier Fall Groups9/26/2021
Video: The 16-year-old who could become CS:GO’s next GOAT9/26/2021
NAVI: Intel Grand Slam Champions – Official Frag Movie9/26/2021
Pros answer: Which team benefits most from being back at LAN?9/26/2021
Live: Natus Vincere vs FaZe9/26/2021
FaZe Clan push Complexity to the Showdown9/26/2021
Ancient: Created in homage to the 1.6 classic Aztec9/26/2021
Live: Complexity vs FaZe Clan9/26/2021
Pley of the Day: What a ridiculous round by Grim!9/26/2021
valde on inconsistency: We have to play better individually and work on our mental fortitude9/26/2021
Video: FaZe's strong Norwegian mows down OG with strong ace!9/26/2021
Today in CS:GO - Sunday 26/9 - 20219/26/2021
FaZe eliminate OG from BLAST Fall Groups9/25/2021
Analyst: device has bounced back9/25/2021
Nivera leaves CS:GO and joins Liquid Valorant9/25/2021
Live: FaZe Clan vs OG9/25/2021
NAVI secure Fall Final spot after defeating Complexity 2-19/25/2021
Live: Natus Vincere vs Complexity9/25/2021
Video: The Rise of CS:GO’s most anticlimactic AWPer9/25/2021
Complexity open BLAST with a 2-1 victory over FaZe9/24/2021
Live: FaZe vs Complexity9/24/2021
Live: NAVI vs OG9/24/2021
Pley of the Day: felps with the 4k!9/24/2021
Valve dedicates an agent to a real life hero9/24/2021
Throwback: Astralis win the London 2018 Major9/24/2021
Mirage: The only map to be featured in all 15 CS:GO Major Championships9/24/2021
Xizt: I am very happy and satisfied with what I accomplished as a player9/24/2021
Today in CS:GO – Friday 24/9 – 20219/24/2021
1WIN are the champions of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series 29/23/2021
Highlight: The danish AWP-star makes it look easy9/23/2021
F0rest: "Something new is always going to happen in CS:GO"9/23/2021
Highlight: The scout king strikes again9/23/2021
Best of Xizt: A tribute to an icon9/23/2021
The legendary Xizt announces retirement9/23/2021
Pley of the Day: smooya's massive fail in FPL!9/23/2021
nexa: It’s not going to be easy to build up confidence after our previous performances9/23/2021
Confirmed: IEM Fall will feature the new CS:GO updates and changes9/23/2021
olofmeister: It's been a long time since we had a good in-game leader9/23/2021
NiKo fought in vain | Top 3 Leaderboards BLAST Fall Groups9/23/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 23/9 - 20219/23/2021
device and company win Group B Final 2-0 over BIG9/22/2021
device on s1mple: He’s the best player in the world right now9/22/2021
New Agents in CS:GO9/22/2021
Live: NiP vs BIG9/22/2021
BIG eliminate G2 from BLAST Fall Groups9/22/2021
Train: Classic and iconic9/22/2021
Live: G2 vs BIG9/22/2021
Pley of the Day: Innovative Mirage boost by G29/22/2021
valde on new CS:GO update: It can definitely be beneficial for us9/22/2021
Video: New update lets you clear multiple angles with only one flashbang9/22/2021
"Holy shit!" - Pros react to the new CS:GO update9/22/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 22/9 - 20219/22/2021
Valve release new CS:GO update called “Operation Riptide”9/22/2021
Richard Lewis: Vitality are back9/21/2021
BIG crush MIBR in lower final9/21/2021
Live: MIBR vs BIG9/21/2021
NiP stun G2 despite Niko’s otherworldly performance9/21/2021
Groups for IEM Fall revealed9/21/2021
Video: Watch behind the scenes at Astralis9/21/2021
Live: G2 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas9/21/2021
Pley of the Day: REZ swings the dualies in beautiful ACE!9/21/2021
flamie to play at WePlay Academy League Season 29/21/2021
WePlay announce second Academy League season9/21/2021
Plopski on strong NIP teammate: We will do what we can to get him into his comfort zone9/21/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 21/9 - 20219/21/2021
NIP secure opening win at BLAST over BIG9/20/2021
Live: G2 vs. MIBR9/20/2021
Pley of the Day: torzsi outplays FURIA in tough 1v3 clutch!9/20/2021
Xyp9x: My game and importance on the server will most definitely rise when we return to LAN9/20/2021
NiKo: I think we are very close to winning trophies9/20/2021
Today in CS:GO - Monday 20/9 - 20219/20/2021
Pley of the Day: Wild ace by Kyojin in the Group final9/19/2021
NAVI present s1mple frag movie9/19/2021
Russian rapper allegedly invites flamie to join new CS:GO team9/19/2021
Inferno: One of the pillars of Counter-Strike maps9/19/2021
Today in CS:GO – Sunday 19/9 – 20219/19/2021
Vitality wins Group A after another victory against Astralis9/18/2021
Live: Team Vitality vs Astralis9/18/2021
Magisk before Vitality: Today we go to three maps9/18/2021
Astralis qualifies for BLAST Premier Fall Finals after spectacular comeback9/18/2021
Live: Astralis vs Team Liquid9/18/2021
Throwback: Stewie2K reacts to title win at ELEAGUE Major Boston 20189/18/2021
Today in CS:GO – Saturday 18/9 – 20219/18/2021
Team Liquid eliminate Evil Geniuses from BLAST Premier Fall Groups9/17/2021
Sources: k0nfig close to joining Astralis9/17/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses9/17/2021
Vitality knock Astralis down to the lower bracket at BLAST9/17/2021
Live: Astralis vs Team Vitality9/17/2021
Pley of the Day: Sneaky CT pretends to be a T with stellar trigger discipline!9/17/2021
Lucky on replacing dev1ce: I’m playing better when I don’t think about it9/17/2021
It’s confirmed! The Major will be played in Sweden9/17/2021
Video: Stewie2K uses his FAMAS to perfection against Vitality9/17/2021
Today in CS:GO - Friday 17/9 - 20219/17/2021
Vitality secure their first win at the BLAST9/16/2021
flamie announced as free agent9/16/2021
Live: Liquid vs Vitality9/16/2021
Highlight: suNny wins a round with an incredible 4K9/16/2021
Astralis defeat Evil Geniuses 2-09/16/2021
Live: Astralis vs Evil Geniuses9/16/2021
ESL restructure Pro League and expands to 34 teams9/16/2021
Pley of the Day: Stewie2K wins strong 1v3 clutch in FPL9/16/2021
Xyp9x: Now is the right time to develop by making new strategies and getting people into the right roles9/16/2021
Video: Liquid voice comms from ESL Pro League9/16/2021
Video: 200 IQ play! GORILLAZ intentionally dies to the molotov9/16/2021
FaZe and ENCE among the first IEM Fall qualifiers9/16/2021
Today in CS:GO - Monday 16/9 - 20219/16/2021
Video: The NAVI era is here!9/15/2021
FaZe secure spot in IEM Fall 2021 EU9/15/2021
Bubzkji: Magisk is going to call again9/15/2021
Live: IEM Fall 2021 Europe Closed Qualifier9/15/2021
ESL unveil 2022 Pro Tour for CS:GO9/15/2021
Xyp9x: My main goal is to find a home where I fit in and are able to win tournaments9/15/2021
olofmeister: We can not accept not qualifying for the Major9/15/2021
Danish roster disbands after only 17 days of existing9/15/2021
Video: coldzera with a clean 4k pistol round!9/15/2021
Evil Geniuses to play with two stand-ins at BLAST Fall Groups9/15/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 15/9 - 20219/15/2021
Analyst: B1T has made NAVI the best CS:GO team9/14/2021
Fessor part ways with South9/14/2021
Video: The Top 5 CS:GO Pros according to BIG9/14/2021
Pley of the Day: woxic gets an excellent ACE on Vertigo!9/14/2021
Alliance reveal Academy Team9/14/2021
shox on RpK: He was one of the best Counter-Strike players in his role9/14/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 14/9 - 20219/14/2021
Intel Grand Slam – The thrilling quest for $1 Million9/13/2021
Greatest players in CS:GO history9/13/2021
Video: electronic with the clean long rage spray!9/13/2021
Skins: Is this Karambit the most expensive item in CS:GO?9/13/2021
Pley of the Day: shox is smarter than you think!9/13/2021
Olofmeister: Twistzz is too nice sometimes9/13/2021
Video: Bhops that shocked the CS:GO world9/13/2021
s1mple closes in on dev1ce in the overall MVP standing*9/13/2021
s1mple: Everybody stepped up in the end9/13/2021
Today in CSGO - Monday 13/9 - 20219/13/2021
Watch highlights from the Grand Final9/12/2021
NAVI are the champions of ESL Pro League Season 14!9/12/2021
Video: The importance of the CS:GO coach9/12/2021
Live: NAVI take on Vitality in a thrilling Grand Final at EPL9/12/2021
Video: The king of CS:GO Skin Trading9/12/2021
Intel Grand Slam: Will NAVI write history?9/12/2021
Video: NAVI release two-hour documentary about s1mple9/12/2021
Natus Vincere join Vitality in Grand Final after three map thriller9/11/2021
Video: New Pro tips and tricks9/11/2021
Highlight: TeSeS dies to CS:GO bug9/11/2021
Live: Heroic vs Natus Vincere9/11/2021
Vitality advance to the Grand Finals9/11/2021
Highlight: Shox clutches once again9/11/2021
EliGE: "Everything device does is really calculated"9/11/2021
Live: Vitality vs OG9/11/2021
Video: What are the pros' favorite knives?9/11/2021
Today in CSGO - Saturday 11/9 - 20219/11/2021
Heroic beat Liquid for a semi-final spot in EPL9/10/2021
Clutch of the Year? refrezh makes INSANE 1vs5 clutch9/10/2021
Live: Heroic - Team Liquid9/10/2021
NAVI move closer to $1.000.000 Grand Slam prize with clear 2-0 victory9/10/2021
Live: Natus Vincere - ENCE9/10/2021
Pley of the Day: Perfect positioning from Aleksib saves OG9/10/2021
Today in CSGO - Friday 10/9 - 20219/10/2021
Complexity has confirmed the signing of coldzera9/9/2021
Team Vitality is ready for the semi-finals at ESL Pro League9/9/2021
Live: Gambit vs Vitality9/9/2021
OG defeat NiP and remain undefeated9/9/2021
Video: A day in the life of zonic9/9/2021
Live: OG vs NiP9/9/2021
Pley of the Day: EliGE and NAF Use The Auto-Sniper To Perfection!9/9/2021
cadiaN on Heroic comradeship: It makes us able to reach whatever goal we want9/9/2021
Top 3 Leaderboards | ESL Pro League9/9/2021
Video: Best CS:GO knife skins9/9/2021
Video: fer does his best FalleN impression with the AWP!9/9/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 9/9 - 20219/9/2021
FalleN: Heroic is going to be a very tough opponent9/8/2021
Team Liquid beat fnatic to set up Heroic quarter-final9/8/2021
Snappi on NAVI matchup: We have zero pressure on our shoulders9/8/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs fnatic9/8/2021
Analyst: Team Liquid have transformed9/8/2021
ENCE eliminate forZe from EPL to secure quarter-final spot!9/8/2021
Live: ENCE vs forZe9/8/2021
Pley of the Day: apEX with an insanely crisp USP quad kill at EPL!9/8/2021
KRIMZ on new-look Fnatic squad: It’s a nice change from the old Swedish style of Counter-Strike9/8/2021
Live: Spirit vs SKADE (Semi-Final)9/8/2021
dev1ce: I think I’ve taken a bit of a leadership role that I didn’t have on Astralis9/8/2021
Video: Twistzz secures the map victory through a strong QUAD kill!9/8/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 8/9 - 20219/8/2021
Team Singularity sign a new team with GuardiaN and seized9/7/2021
Vitality beat Complexity and qualifies for the Quarter-finals at ESL Pro League9/7/2021
Harsh critique of Danish AWPer from the desk of ESL Pro League9/7/2021
Live: Team Vitality vs Complexity9/7/2021
Video: REZ destroys mousesports on Inferno9/7/2021
NIP eliminate mousesports and qualifies for the Quarter-Finals at ESL Pro League9/7/2021
apEX after great run at EPL: This will for sure be a turning point for us9/7/2021
Confirmed: gla1ve to miss BLAST Premier Fall Groups9/7/2021
Live: mousesports vs Ninjas in Pyjamas9/7/2021
Pley of the Day: 2000 IQ BY FLUSHA!9/7/2021
Report: coldzera close to signing with new team9/7/2021
Top 10 Plays: ESL Pro League S14 Group Stage9/7/2021
Hobbit: Complexity and Vitality are going to have an advantage9/7/2021
hampus on shifting rosters at NIP: It’s not the best I would say, but it’s out of my control9/7/2021
OG coach: We have built a perfect balance between experience and hunger9/7/2021
es3tag before Vitality: Hopefully ZywOo doesn't shoot 409/7/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 3/5 - 20219/7/2021
FalleN on IGL role: I needed to catch up9/6/2021
ESIC opens investigation of Heroic players in coach bug-case9/6/2021
TeSeS: There’s a lot of hate going on right now, but I’m 100% focused on playing CS9/6/2021
New COL Coach: With a few adjustments, we can go really far9/6/2021
Who tapped the most heads in EPL Group Stage? – Top 59/6/2021
Today in CS:GO - Monday 6/9 - 20219/6/2021
NiP are through to playoffs in EPL!9/5/2021
Video: How FaZe Clan choked against fnatic9/5/2021
Live: Last round of Group D (ESL Pro League)9/5/2021
Pley of the Day: device gives NIP some hope with his AWP9/5/2021
Today in CSGO - Sunday 4/9 - 20219/5/2021
FURIA opens Group D with sensational win9/4/2021
Live: NiP vs FURIA9/4/2021
Gambit defeat Entropiq and advance to the playoffs9/4/2021
Highlight: nafany hits clean 3K spraydown9/4/2021
Live: Gambit vs Entropiq9/4/2021
Liquid dismantle TeamOne 2-0 and secure playoffs9/4/2021
The smoke criminal strikes again9/4/2021
Live: Liquid vs TeamOne9/4/2021
Highlight: REZ with a match-winning 1v4 clutch9/4/2021
Today in CS:GO - Saturday 4/9 - 20219/4/2021
HUNDEN release evidence involve former teammates9/3/2021
Gambit top out Group D in ESL Pro League!9/3/2021
Live: FURIA vs Gambit9/3/2021
Team Liquid wins crucial match at ESL Pro League against Entropiq9/3/2021
Video: Is NAF invisible?9/3/2021
REZ signs new four year deal with NIP9/3/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs Entropiq9/3/2021
Swedish Ninjas take down TeamOne at EPL S149/3/2021
Pley of the Day: Wild Glock Ace by KSCERATO!9/3/2021
Live: NIP vs TeamOne9/3/2021
RUSH is officially a free agent9/3/2021
Today in CS:GO - Friday 3/9 - 20219/3/2021
Gambit secure their second win in ESL Pro League9/2/2021
Live: Gambit vs Liquid9/2/2021
NiP awakes and secures 2-0 victory against Entropiq9/2/2021
Clip: Device breaks monitor midgame in rage9/2/2021
Live: NiP vs Entropiq9/2/2021
RpK retires from professional CS:GO9/2/2021
FURIA secure first win in ESL Pro League9/2/2021
Blast Premier Fall groups announced9/2/2021
Pley of the Day: guerri with two KNIFE KILLS at EPL!9/2/2021
Live: Brazilian derby at ESL Pro League9/2/2021
Liquid coach: You basically have to live in Europe to play CS:GO nowadays9/2/2021
denis: I’m motivated to reach my goals9/2/2021
Video: Epic Dualies ace by BOROS on Inferno!9/2/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 2/9 - 20219/2/2021
Team Liquid start EPL with a 2-0 victory over NiP9/1/2021
Sangal announce fifth player9/1/2021
Richard Lewis: Evil Geniuses need a hard reset9/1/2021
Live: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Liquid9/1/2021
Entropiq secure opening win at EPL over FURIA9/1/2021
xsepower: I am free agent9/1/2021
Live: FURIA vs Entropiq9/1/2021
Gambit start EPL with a victory over Brazilians9/1/2021
Pley of the Day: Stellar spray control by friberg in 1v4 clutch!9/1/2021
Live: Gambit vs TeamOne9/1/2021
Preview Group D: Can anyone stop the youngsters from Gambit?9/1/2021
Pley of the Day - August9/1/2021
Video: Intense 1v3 clutch by Perfecto in overtime!9/1/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 1/9 - 20219/1/2021