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Pro’s answer: Who is the GOAT of Counter-Strike?12/31/2021
Report: Valde in talks with EG12/31/2021
device’s best AWPers tier list12/30/2021
mithR steps down as coach for MOUZ12/30/2021
Director of Sports at Astralis: We will be among the best teams in the World for the Major in May12/30/2021
MAD Lions puts sausol and Woro2k on the bench12/30/2021
shox joins Team Liquid12/29/2021
Confirmed: ropz leaves MOUZ12/29/2021
Astralis says goodbye to legendary trio12/29/2021
NAVI coach: It would be good to have six-man rosters12/29/2021
Duplicate transferlisted by SKADE12/29/2021
WePlay Academy League expands to 10 teams next year12/28/2021
Sprout loses another player12/28/2021
A Year of Change: Gambit the only team with the same roster from last year's top 2012/28/2021
What would you change in CS:GO? Danish Edition12/28/2021
BIG buys faveN from German rivals - gade benched12/27/2021
Team Liquid sign oSee from Extra Salt12/27/2021
Unreal stats: s1mple ends 2021 with incredible consistency12/27/2021
Video: Watch fragmovie with the MVP of BLAST Premier World Finals12/27/2021
nafany: CIS casters are shocking12/27/2021
apEX on Vitality’s “Last Dance”: I will remember it for the rest of my life12/23/2021
CPH Flames to keep their current roster ahead of 202212/23/2021
Hobbit: We will do everything in our power to dethrone NAVI next year12/23/2021
Pley of the Day - December12/23/2021
Official: shox leaves Vitality12/23/2021
NAVI coach: These teams could be dangerous next year12/22/2021
Former Major winner leaves Anonymo12/22/2021
Pley of the Day: Crazy 360° no scope AWP-shot by fl0m!12/22/2021
What is the biggest danger for s1mple and NAVI next year?12/22/2021
Video: Absolutely insane Scout 3K by m0NESY12/22/2021
Official: XTQZZZ part ways with Vitality12/22/2021
Top 20 World Ranking | Last of the year12/22/2021
Pros answer: Who is the most annoying pro to play against?12/21/2021
Video: ZywOo takes on 'Whose Frag Is That?'12/21/2021
Video: The fall of CS:GO’s greatest team ever12/21/2021
Is the transfer of CPH Flames to Complexity in danger?12/21/2021
dev1ce on Astralis rumours: The reports of me leaving NIP are nonsense12/21/2021
Top 3 Leaderboards: BLAST Premier World Final12/20/2021
Sources: dev1ce keen to return to Astralis12/20/2021
Boombl4 after another win: LAN is our environment12/20/2021
Report: G2 to sign Vitality coach XTQZZZ12/20/2021
nafany after Grand Final: We lost only because of me and my communication12/19/2021
Na'Vi are your BLAST Premier World Final 2021 winners!12/19/2021
shox after the last dance: We can be proud12/19/2021
NAVI end Vitality’s “Last Dance” to secure Grand Final spot12/19/2021
Live: Team Vitality vs NAVI (BLAST World Finals)12/19/2021
Stewie2K after exit: This was most likely my last game for Team Liquid12/19/2021
Grim: Whatever team I join, I'm gonna make sure, that I am as comfortable as possible12/19/2021
Today in CS:GO - Sunday 19/12 - 202112/19/2021
Player of the day: Abai "Hobbit" Hasenov12/18/2021
FalleN confirms: This was definitely my last game for Liquid12/18/2021
NaVi knock Team Liquid out of BLAST Premier World Final12/18/2021
ZywOo on crazy deagle round: apEX just said go kill!12/18/2021
nafany: This win means a lot to me; I still remember watching apEX play five years ago12/18/2021
Live: Navi vs. Team Liquid12/18/2021
Gambit secure a spot in the Grand final at BLAST Premier World Final12/18/2021
Video: ZywOo's insane Deagle ace12/18/2021
fnatic searching for a new head coach for the academy team12/18/2021
Live: Gambit vs. Vitality12/18/2021
Today in CS:GO – Saturday 18/12 – 202112/18/2021
Player of the day: Aleksandr ”s1mple” Kostyliev12/17/2021
Astralis coach: Our biggest issue is not the roles, but the communication12/17/2021
Team Liquid knock out Astralis in BLAST World Final12/17/2021
Boombl4 after beating G2: We don't care about the NiKo hype12/17/2021
nexa: Another star on the team would take the pressure off NiKo and make us more consistent12/17/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs. Astralis12/17/2021
NAVI eliminate NiKo and company from BLAST World Final12/17/2021
Pley of the Day: Kyojin’s flick makes French commentators jump out of their chair12/17/2021
Liquid player becomes co-owner of the organization12/17/2021
ropz close to joining FaZe – Report12/17/2021
Twitter praises NiKo for his performance against NAVI12/17/2021
Live: G2 vs. NAVI12/17/2021
NAVI coach: We would have kept m0NESY, if we had a six-man roster12/17/2021
Today in CS:GO – Friday 17/12 – 202112/17/2021
NiKo: If we don't step up, NAVI will crush us tomorrow12/16/2021
apEX: We just want to enjoy the real last dance12/16/2021
apEX and Vitality defeat G2 at BLAST World Final12/16/2021
Ax1Le after fantastic performance on Overpass: I just felt the game12/16/2021
Stewie2k after shouting contest: No hard feelings12/16/2021
Live: G2 vs Vitality12/16/2021
Gambit best Liquid to advance in the upper bracket12/16/2021
Pley of the Day: blameF steals hampus’ ace and gets his own!12/16/2021
Plopski looks back on 2021: I am pretty disappointed in myself12/16/2021
nawwk returns to activity12/16/2021
gla1ve after NIP thriller: It was a very intense overtime12/16/2021
Live: Liquid vs. Gambit12/16/2021
Astralis eliminate Ninjas in Pyjamas from BLAST World Final12/16/2021
Live: NiP vs. Astralis12/16/2021
Player of the Day: Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut12/15/2021
NAVI eliminates Heroic from BLAST World Finals12/15/2021
misutaaa: I want to be a Top 20 player next year12/15/2021
blameF: Vitality is just a way better team than us12/15/2021
Live: NAVI vs. Heroic12/15/2021
Vitality crush Astralis in their BLAST World Final opener12/15/2021
huNter: NiKo is the best player in CS:GO right now12/15/2021
Pley of the Day: NiKo only needs 2 bullets to clutch a 1v2 situation!12/15/2021
REZ: It is hard to find the consistency12/15/2021
ZywOo: s1mple was better than me this year12/15/2021
hampus: NiKo was the difference12/15/2021
Live: Astralis vs. Vitality12/15/2021
G2 get revenge over NiP and knock them down to lower bracket at BLAST12/15/2021
Xyp9x on Astralis extension: It was a no-brainer when I saw their plan for the future12/15/2021
Video: Most embarrassing chokes in CS:GO history12/15/2021
Live: NiP vs. G212/15/2021
es3tag on REZ: He's the most skilled player I've ever played with aim-wise12/15/2021
AmaNEK responds to transfer rumors: We are living day by day12/15/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 15/12 - 202112/15/2021
b0RUP after loss: NAVI? It's doable!12/14/2021
Player of the day: Keith “NAF” Markovic12/14/2021
Gambit send Heroic to lower bracket at BLAST World Final12/14/2021
Video: apEX plays ‘Whose face is that?’12/14/2021
From one pro to another - BLAST World Finals Edition12/14/2021
B1ad3 after losing to Liquid: I think we underestimated them12/14/2021
NAF after huge upset win: It was one of those days12/14/2021
Live: Gambit vs. Heroic12/14/2021
Team Liquid complete upset as they takedown World #112/14/2021
Video: The legend of f0rest12/14/2021
LUCAS1 and HEN1 announce free agency12/14/2021
Golden officially leaves Fnatic12/14/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs. NAVI12/14/2021
FalleN talks down ”Last Dance” roster: It’s not a realistic project12/14/2021
Lucky on returning to AWP role: Never say never12/14/2021
NAF confirms talks with EG before extending contract12/13/2021
ropz set to leave mouz - Report12/13/2021
Pley of the Day: shox’s 1v3 clutch against NiP12/13/2021
Danish AWPer will miss another event for NiP12/13/2021
TeSeS: We have only played on 60-70% this year12/13/2021
nexa is back in G2’s lineup for BLAST World Finals12/13/2021
nafany before World Finals: We are not in the best shape right now12/13/2021
Heroic will be without stavn at BLAST World Finals12/12/2021
ZywOo named MVP of IEM Winter12/12/2021
Team Vitality wins first trophy in 2021 at IEM Winter12/12/2021
Video: Listen in on communication from the new Astralis lineup12/12/2021
Live: IEM Winter Grand Final12/12/2021
Intel Grand Slam Season IV is on!12/12/2021
Ninjas in Pyjamas reach Grand final at IEM Winter without device12/11/2021
The rarest CS:GO skins12/11/2021
Video: REZ with some nasty Deagle shots against G212/11/2021
Team Vitality secure Grand final spot at IEM Winter12/11/2021
Live: IEM Winter12/11/2021
Pley of the Day: Outrageous ace clutch by manguss12/10/2021
apEX on It’s really hard to beat them overall12/10/2021
Video: All Major winning moments12/10/2021
G2 sign m0NESY – Report12/10/2021
The story of k0nfig12/10/2021
Today in CS:GO – Friday 10/12 – 202112/10/2021
Video: rain takes on ‘Whose frag is that?’12/9/2021
Video: The most important Major ever12/9/2021
kennyS on his return: I’m grateful to have had this opportunity12/9/2021
Video: Counter-Strike’s undetectable skin problem12/9/2021
Sources: VINI to round off Brazilian “Last Dance” roster12/9/2021
Pley of the Day: Insane AK-47 QUAD kill by m0NESY in FPL12/9/2021
NiKo on m0NESY: He has the potential to become one of the best ever12/9/2021
YEKINDAR: We could be the best team in 202212/9/2021
dev1ce: I’m not washed up; I can still reach my top levels from 2018-201912/9/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 9/12 - 202112/9/2021
m0NESY, fear, Aunkere put up for transfer12/8/2021
kennyS’ best CS:GO AWPers tier list12/8/2021
Video: Analyst comments on Astralis’ roster situation12/8/2021
NiKo: NIP is not a title contender team12/8/2021
Pley of the Day: A crisp 5k from SHOCK with the USP-S12/8/2021
Video: An Astralis documentary at BLAST Finals12/8/2021
s1mple reveals his top three favorite games12/8/2021
FalleN: The Brazilian scene hasn’t been able to do anything close to what we did in the past12/8/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 8/12 - 202112/8/2021
Pros answer: Why is Xyp9x so clutch?12/7/2021
Video: The story of s1mple 2.012/7/2021
Pley of the Day: JYO's INSANE P250 ACE AGAINST FULL BUY!12/7/2021
YEKINDAR and s1mple are levels above the rest! | Top Entry-Fraggers 202112/7/2021
flusha confirms GORILLAZ exit12/7/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 7/12 - 202112/7/2021
fer leaves 00Nation: We were stressing each other too much12/6/2021
Top 5 Leaderboards | IEM Winter 202112/6/2021
Video: MAGICAL 1V3 CLUTCH BY SH1RO!12/6/2021
Richard Lewis: MOUZ are done12/6/2021
Today in CS:GO - Monday 6/12 - 202112/6/2021
Vitality takes last semi-final spot at IEM Winter12/5/2021
NIP moves on to semi-final, GODSENT eliminated12/5/2021
Live: NIP - GODSENT12/5/2021
Pley of the Day: KRIMZ gets a monstrous ACE against BIG!12/5/2021
Video: Most Insane Pro Flick Shots 202112/5/2021
Today in CS:GO - Sunday 5/12 - 202112/5/2021 sends GODSENT to quarter-finals after victory12/4/2021
G2 defeat Vitality and secure semi-finals spot at IEM Winter 202112/4/2021
fnatic and Gambit survive at IEM Winter; FaZe and BIG eliminated12/4/2021
Live: IEM Winter (Third day)12/4/2021
Video: Top 10 best AWP plays in CS:GO history12/4/2021
Today in CS:GO – Saturday 4/12 – 202112/4/2021
NIP moves on at IEM Winter, OG out12/3/2021
Liquid blow Astralis out of IEM Winter12/3/2021
FaZe survives and sends Heroic home packing at IEM Winter12/3/2021
Pley of the Day: Sick 1v3 deagle clutch by mezii!12/3/2021
Fnatic eliminate ENCE at IEM Winter12/3/2021
Live: IEM Winter (Second day)12/3/2021
Snappi returns to ENCE starting lineup at IEM Winter12/3/2021
Video: The story of smooya12/3/2021
shox after dismantling NIP: ZywOo just went in FPL mode honestly12/3/2021
Today in CS:GO - Friday 3/12 - 202112/3/2021
Kovač cousins shine as G2 take down Liquid12/2/2021
Vitality destroy NiP 2-012/2/2021
Complexity close to signing Copenhagen Flames roster?12/2/2021
BIG move past FaZe after intense thriller12/2/2021
Gambit defeat fnatic on Ancient12/2/2021
Team Liquid turns bad start to victory against OG12/2/2021
G2 avoid upset in kennyS comeback victory12/2/2021
Pley of the Day: SZPERO gets a stellar 1v5 ace on stream!12/2/2021
Vitality’s “Grand Old Men” stars in opening round win12/2/2021
NIP defeat Astralis in IEM Winter opener12/2/2021
Live: IEM Winter 2021 (Opening Day)12/2/2021
THREAT to resign as NIP head coach after IEM Winter12/2/2021
IEM Winter 2021 prelude12/2/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 2/12 - 202112/2/2021
IEM Winter 2021: How the Professional CS:GO scene has changed since kennyS last played12/1/2021
Pley of the Day: oSee with a stellar no-scope to win 1v3 clutch!12/1/2021
World Final to take place as a LAN at BLAST Premier’s studio in Copenhagen12/1/2021
Complexity cut ties with Brazilian coach12/1/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 1/12 - 202112/1/2021