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Snappi out of IEM Winter after positive Covid-19 test11/30/2021
Pley of the Day - November11/30/2021
Pley of the Day: Brazilian streamer with excellent one taps11/30/2021
Team Fiend bench dream3r and bubble11/30/2021
Video: How to play like blameF on Mirage11/30/2021
Astralis back into top 10 on world rankings11/30/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 30/11 - 202111/30/2021
Video: Watch the best highlights from the MVP of BLAST Premier Fall Finals11/30/2021
Pley of the Day: ZywOo 1vs4 clutch to end NAVI's Nuke streak11/29/2021
NAVI just surpassed Astralis for winning most money in a year!11/29/2021
Vitality players after Grand Final loss: We were exhausted11/29/2021
SPUNJ: B1T could be something we haven't seen before11/29/2021
Today in CS:GO - Monday 29/11 202111/29/2021
Player of the Day: Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev11/28/2021
BLAST Fall Final: Leaderboards Final day11/28/2021
NaVi are your Fall Final Champions!11/28/2021
NAF extends contract until 202411/28/2021
B1T: The headshot machine11/28/2021
Video: k1to is the man11/28/2021
Live: Na'Vi vs. Vitality11/28/2021
Pley of the Day: A Lucky Jumpshot11/28/2021
ZywOo carry Vitality to the Grand Final11/28/2021
Live: Vitality vs. Astralis11/28/2021
Ancient and Vertigo out in the cold at BLAST11/28/2021
cadiaN after Astralis battering: The Danish CS:GO throne isn't decided by one match11/28/2021
Today at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 – Sunday 28/1111/28/2021
Player of the Day: Denis "electronic" Sharipov11/27/2021
BLAST Fall Final: Leaderboards Day 411/27/2021
Astralis victorious in Danish derby11/27/2021
NaVi earn their spot in the Grand Final!11/27/2021
Live: Astralis vs. Heroic11/27/2021
Stewie2K: "I'm trying to assess what's best for me"11/27/2021
Live: NaVi vs Vitality11/27/2021
Heroic advance to the lower final!11/27/2021
Live: Heroic vs Liquid11/27/2021
NAF: I’m having so much fun playing on the stage11/27/2021
Highlight: "Lucky" locks down B all by himself11/27/2021
blameF on Lucky: He has impressed me so much; He's multi-fragging more than me!11/27/2021
Today at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 – Saturday 27/1111/27/2021
Astralis impressive win over FaZe in Royal Arena11/26/2021
Player of the day: Håvard "rain" Nygaard11/26/2021
Liquid batter dev1ce and co. at BLAST Fall Final11/26/2021
Live: Astralis vs. FaZe11/26/2021
tabseN: All the other teams have much better players than us individual-wise11/26/2021
Pley of the Day: blameF's Deagle Ace11/26/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs Ninjas in Pyjamas11/26/2021
FaZe eliminates BIG from BLAST Premier Fall Finals11/26/2021
Live: FaZe vs BIG (BLAST Premier Fall Finals)11/26/2021
zonic criticize casters after Lucky's role switch: Couldn't be closer to bullying than this11/26/2021
VINI not a part of FURIA's future11/25/2021
Vitality moves past Astralis to secure Upper Final spot11/25/2021
Boombl4 after beating Heroic: They were talking a lot on social media11/25/2021
Kasper Hvidt: We're not going to make any roster changes in the near future11/25/2021
K0nfig: "I think it is the right decision to let gla1ve AWP"11/25/2021
Live: Astralis vs Vitality11/25/2021
NaVi takes down Heroic with 2-1 victory11/25/2021
SPUNJ: I would be a little bit worried, if I was Lucky11/25/2021
Pley of the Day: Twistzz with 1vs3 clutch against Heroic11/25/2021
Live: Heroic vs NAVI (BLAST Final Upper Bracket)11/25/2021
Video: Highlights from Day 1 at BLAST Premier Fall Finals11/25/2021
B1T and k0nfig leads the way at BLAST Premier Fall Finals11/25/2021
Today at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 – Thursday 25/1111/25/2021
Player of the day: Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke11/24/2021
Astralis got off a strong start with a 2-0 victory against NIP11/24/2021
Live: Astralis vs Ninja in Pyjamas11/24/2021
NAVI destroy BIG and extends their unbeaten record on Nuke11/24/2021
Report: nitr0 to return to CS:GO11/24/2021
Live: NAVI vs BIG11/24/2021
Heroic wins hard-fought battle in opening round against FaZe11/24/2021
s1mple: I think we can easily break the meta and play without a perma ban11/24/2021
Live: Heroic - FaZe11/24/2021
Team Liquid brutally knocked down to the lower bracket by Vitality11/24/2021
FalleN on his future: I want to feel more joy from playing CS:GO next year11/24/2021
Live: Team Liquid vs Team Vitality (BLAST Premier Fall Finals)11/24/2021
BLAST Premier Fall Finals Preview: Can anyone stop s1mple and NAVI?11/24/2021
Today in CS:GO – Wednesday 24/11 – 202111/24/2021
The legend is back! kennyS to compete at IEM Winter11/23/2021
stavn: I think there’s no doubt anymore; we are not just “onliners”11/23/2021
Stewie2K: We had a lot of clashes in the roster11/23/2021
blameF: I think k0nfig and I will bring in some fresh and needed energy to Astralis11/23/2021
EliGE confirms that there will be roster changes at Team Liquid: We are not getting along11/23/2021
Pley of the Day: ritchiEE wrecks MAD Lions with his Deagle11/23/2021
Live: ESL Conference League11/23/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 23/11 - 202111/23/2021
Pley of the Day: s1mple takes down entire team with his Deagle11/22/2021
Video: kennyS reacts to "Top 10 best AWP plays in CS:GO history"11/22/2021
Astralis hires new analyst11/22/2021
s1mple win Esports PC Player of the Year11/22/2021
sh1ro after first LAN win: This is endlessly important for us11/22/2021
Gambit are the V4 Future Sports Festival champions!11/21/2021
Live: Gambit vs. Entropiq11/21/2021
Video: No-scoping is still alive11/21/2021
Pley of the Day: mezii takes the ace!11/21/2021
Gambit is ready for the Grand Final at V4 Future Sports Festival11/20/2021
Former G2 coach Damien “maLek” Marcel is in talks to take charge of Evil Geniuses11/20/2021
Groups for IEM winter revealed11/20/2021
Live: BIG vs. Gambit11/20/2021
Gambit eliminate Enterprise from V4 Future Sports Festival11/19/2021
Pley of the Day: REDSTAR gets 4 with the AWP!11/19/2021
Graffiti Series: When Olofmeister sacrificed himself for the greater good11/19/2021
Stats: How unique is s1mple's 2021?11/19/2021
Live: Gambit vs. Enterprise11/19/2021
NAVI nominated for The Game Awards 202111/19/2021
s1mple on m0NESY: He needs to get some more experience against better teams11/19/2021
Today in CS:GO – Friday 19/11 – 202111/19/2021
BIG secure semifinal spot at V4 Future Sports Festival11/18/2021
Pley of the Day: k1to gets an impeccable 1HP ACE at V4 Sports Festival!11/18/2021
Live: Fiend vs BIG11/18/2021
es3tag after joining NIP: It will only be a matter of time before we conquer the CS:GO world11/18/2021
The Headshot Kings of 202111/18/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 18/11 - 202111/18/2021
Patrick "es3tag" Hansen is now a Swedish Ninja11/17/2021
BIG and Entropiq advance at V4 Future Sports Festival11/17/2021
Norwegians raise $3.5 Million: We want to compete on the biggest stage of CS:GO11/17/2021
karrigan: We are on the right direction; we just need to be braver on the server11/17/2021
Play of the Day: Croatian player drops 143 kills in one match!11/17/2021
Gambit suffer surprising defeat at V4 Future Sports Festival11/17/2021
Live: V4 Future Sports Festival Opening Day11/17/2021
Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 17/11 - 202111/17/2021
Video: Where did NiKo's bullets go?11/16/2021
G2 part ways with coach11/16/2021
Pley of the Day: rigoN with perfect 4k!11/16/2021
Roster moves for the 2021/22 season11/16/2021
Crazy statistic: s1mple is the best player on ALL maps except NAVI's perma ban11/16/2021
Today in CS:GO - Tuesday 16/11 - 202111/16/2021
Which pro has the fastest reaction time?11/15/2021
Pley of the Day: tabseN’s 1vs5 clutch attempt is denied by the final CT11/15/2021
Is m0NESY the next s1mple?11/15/2021
Video: Recap of the memorable return of the CS:GO Major11/15/2021
Hobbit on Gambit’s strict system: We don’t have democracy11/15/2021
Video: The last-second play that saved CS:GO’s greatest comeback11/15/2021
Today in CS:GO – Monday 15/11 – 202111/15/2021
Throwback: When coldzera was crowned Major MVP back to back11/14/2021
Video: NiKo plays pro or low with Betway11/14/2021
MOUZ NXT win WePlay Academy League back-to-back11/14/2021
fnatic win DH Open November over BIG11/14/2021
Live: fnatic vs BIG (DreamHack Open Grand Final)11/14/2021
Today in CS:GO - Sunday 14/11 - 202111/14/2021
Nuke: One of Counter-Strike's most iconic and enduring maps11/13/2021
BIG join fnatic in Grand Final11/13/2021
Highlights: Pros don't fake11/13/2021
Video: Behind the scenes with NiP11/13/2021
Live: BIG vs forZe11/13/2021
Fnatic advance to the Grand Final11/13/2021
valde: "it's something that i am never going to forget"11/13/2021
Highlight: ropz with clean 1v4 clutch11/13/2021
Live: fnatic vs MAD Lions11/13/2021
Today in CS:GO - Saturday 13/11 - 202111/13/2021
forZe is ready for the Semi-finals at DreamHack Open November!11/12/2021
Live: forZe - ENCE11/12/2021
TMB: b0RUP has been the perfect suit for us11/12/2021
MOUZ eliminated after another bad performance at DreamHack Open November11/12/2021
Kings of Content set to rematch with MIBR for Mythic Masters Winter Playoff spot11/12/2021
Live: MOUZ vs. MAD Lions11/12/2021
Pley of the Day: jL rips BIG apart in strong 1v3 clutch!11/12/2021
Who is the best support player in the world?11/12/2021
Today in CS:GO - Friday 12/11 - 202111/12/2021
Highlight Reel: The Godfather of Counter-Strike - FalleN11/11/2021
Video: Insane ACE by XANTARES vs. Virtus.pro11/11/2021
Fnatic take surprising 2-0 versus ENCE11/11/2021
Live: ENCE vs fnatic11/11/2021
forZe eviscerate Spirit 16-0 and secure 2-0 victory11/11/2021
Smooya: "The amount of death threats i get when i lose a game is disgusting"11/11/2021
iBUYPOWER Mythic Masters Winter 2021 Opening Matchups11/11/2021
Video: Insane highlights from blameF11/11/2021
Live: Spirit vs forZe11/11/2021
frozen and MOUZ survive another day at DH Open November11/11/2021
BIG secure DH Open playoff spot over MAD Lions11/11/2021
Pley of the Day: s1mple hits insane no-scope with Scout (SSG 08)11/11/2021
Live: BIG vs MAD Lions / MOUZ vs GamerLegion11/11/2021
Video: acoR with four surgical AWP kills on Dust211/11/2021
Today in CS:GO - Thursday 11/11 - 202111/11/2021
Video: Watch amazing PGL Major Stockholm fragmovie11/10/2021
Horror debut for new Team Spirit roster11/10/2021
Live: Fnatic - Team Spirit11/10/2021
ENCE back to winning ways at DreamHack Open11/10/2021
Astralis: We are investigating Bubzkji's options11/10/2021
Live: ENCE vs forZe11/10/2021
BIG avoid disaster at DH Open11/10/2021
MAD Lions take down MOUZ in opening round at DreamHack Open November11/10/2021
Pley of the Day: Forsen gets jinxed by himself - 1 kill from an ACE11/10/2021
Live: MOUZ vs MAD Lions / BIG vs GamerLegion11/10/2021
BIG sign new head coach11/10/2021
chrisJ to replace Bymas at DH Open November11/10/2021
PGL Stockholm Major: Frag Movie11/10/2021
Highly-awaited PGL Major stickers released11/10/2021
Today in CS:GO – Wednesday 10/11 – 202111/10/2021
20+ new tips and tricks for CS:GO11/9/2021
Updated world rankings after the major11/9/2021
Video: Best Plays From PGL Stockholm Major 202111/9/2021
zonic: I had an offer from Astralis, but wanted to try something else11/9/2021
Pros answer: Is gla1ve the greatest IGL of all time?11/9/2021
Video: The most overpowered weapon in CS:GO history11/9/2021
Team Liquid Manager: We will 100% be finishing out the year with this roster11/9/2021
The winner of the Nomad Knife | Fade has been found11/9/2021
Xizt after successful Major: Hopefully, I can continue as Heroic coach11/9/2021
Video: blameF's smart trigger discipline gets him an ACE!11/9/2021
Title-winning Vlog: NAVI win PGL Major Stockholm11/9/2021
Today in CS:GO – Tuesday 9/11 – 202111/9/2021
Pley of the Day: s1mple finds four on the B defense11/8/2021
Video: device’s greatest Counter-Strike players of all time tier list11/8/2021
Boombl4’s girlfriend accepted his proposal11/8/2021
New information about Vitality’s roster moves11/8/2021
HooXi: If we leave, I will for sure cry for a few days11/8/2021
PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Grand final smashes CS:GO viewership record11/8/2021
Highlights: PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Grand Final (NAVI vs. G2)11/8/2021
Today in CS:GO – Monday 8/11 – 202111/8/2021
NiKo's Heaven Flank: Denied by the Gods11/8/2021
Major MVP: Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev11/7/2021
NAVI win PGL Major Stockholm!11/7/2021
CPH Flames co-owner: There are offers on the team11/7/2021
Team GeT_RiGhT wins the showmatch at PGL Major11/7/2021
Live: Team GeT_RiGhT vs CPH Flames (PGL Major Showmatch)11/7/2021
Navi – Gambit is the most watched CS:GO Match in History11/7/2021
Finalists' path to the final11/7/2021
Highlight: NiKo is unstoppable11/7/2021
Today at PGL Major Stockholm – The Grand Final!11/7/2021
YEKINDAR: We can achieve a lot more with the current lineup11/7/2021
Player of the day: Nikola "NiKo" Kovač11/6/2021
Natus Vincere join G2 in Grand Final11/6/2021
Highlight: s1mple the deadly turret11/6/2021
TeSeS on NiKo: He hit some shots no other player would11/6/2021
cadiaN after Major exit: We can be the best team in the world11/6/2021
Live: Natus Vincere vs Gambit11/6/2021
G2 advance to the Grand Final!11/6/2021
Highlight: NiKo wins entire round singlehandedly11/6/2021
Clip: NiKo playing the crowd for info11/6/2021
Live: Heroic - G211/6/2021
MICHU, oBo, stanislaw part with EG11/6/2021
Shock transfer on the rise? Astralis trio to sign with Vitality11/6/2021
Stats and Leaderboards | PGL Major Playoff11/6/2021 in Stockholm: NAVI is born to win at the PGL Major11/6/2021
Perfecto with a monstrous QUAD-KILL against Vitality11/6/2021
Today at PGL Major Stockholm – Saturday 6/1111/6/2021
Player of the day: Ilya "Perfecto" Zalutskiy11/5/2021
NaVi wins the brawl against Vitality and advance to the Semi-finals11/5/2021
NAVI - Vitality is the most watched CS:GO match in history!11/5/2021
Gambit is ready for the semi-finals!11/5/2021
Live: NaVi vs. Vitality11/5/2021
New record for PGL Major peak viewers11/5/2021
Live: Gambit vs. FURIA11/5/2021
G2’s captain: NiKo is a god11/5/2021
Pley of the Day: Breathtaking 1v3 clutch from refrezh11/5/2021
Video: A week in the life of FaZe Clan11/5/2021
Video: huNter perfectly silences the Swedish audience at Major11/5/2021
STYKO shares his future plans after FunPlus Phoenix11/5/2021
Win a Nomad Knife | Fade!11/5/2021
Today at PGL Major Stockholm – Friday 5/1111/5/2021
FunPlus Phoenix leave CS:GO esports11/5/2021
Player of the day: Nikola "NiKo" Kovač11/4/2021
G2 advance to semi-finals of PGL Major Stockholm11/4/2021
cadiaN after quarterfinal win: The energy in the arena gave us the last 10%11/4/2021
LIVE: G2 vs. NIP11/4/2021
Heroic move past with 2-1 victory11/4/2021
Video: The Opening of the Champions Stage at PGL Major Stockholm11/4/2021
mir and chopper benched and transferlisted11/4/2021
Live: Heroic vs Virtus.pro11/4/2021
Astralis confirm signing of k0nfig and blameF; add ave as new head coach11/4/2021
Today at PGL Stockholm Major - Thursday 4/1111/4/2021
Video: When "shroud" broke de_canals11/3/2021
PGL Stockholm Major 2021: New Legends Stage Recap11/3/2021
PGL Stockholm Major 2021: New Challengers Stage Recap11/3/2021
Pley of the Day: Just another ZywOo Ace11/3/2021
Video: kennyS opens up about his future11/3/2021
Stats and leaderboards | PGL Major Legends Stage11/3/2021
PGL Major playoff bracket set11/3/2021
Player of the day: Hampus "hampus" Pose11/2/2021
NIP eliminate Copenhagen Flames from PGL Major after intense overtime decider11/2/2021
LIVE: Copenhagen Flames vs. NIP11/2/2021 eliminate FaZe to advance at PGL Major Stockholm.11/2/2021
Pley of the Day: apEX secures crucial round for Vitality!11/2/2021
Live: FaZe vs Virtus.pro11/2/2021
Vitality advance to PGL Major playoffs after beating Entropiq11/2/2021
Live: Vitality vs Entropiq11/2/2021
Magisk after Major exit: We couldn’t find a consistent level11/2/2021
Today at PLG Stockholm Major – Thursday 2/1111/2/2021 eliminate MOUZ from PGL Stockholm11/1/2021
Player of the day: Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut11/1/2021
Heroic wins Danish Derby and qualifies for the Playoffs11/1/2021
Astralis out of the PGL Stockholm Major11/1/2021
sh1ro shines as Gambit take down NiP to qualify for playoffs11/1/2021
FURIA secure playoffs spot in Stockholm with victory over Entropiq11/1/2021
Team Liquid eliminated from PGL Stockholm11/1/2021
Live: Day 7 at PGL Stockholm Major11/1/2021
Today at PGL Stockholm Major – Monday 1/1111/1/2021